Saw Guides



Easy SetupThe wing nut design allows the guide to be

locked onto the pipe without the use of external devices.

Just wrap the guide around the pipe and tighten the wing

nut for the cutting operation.




A hardened solid pin is inserted into the guide just below

the finished cut line that will stop the saw blade from cutting

into the guide. If the saw blade comes in contact with the pin,

the pin will spin and not damage the saw blade or the guide.


Nickel Plated


The hardened steel saw guide is nickel plated to insure non-contamination of the pipe or tube.

Double Slot(Patented #?????)

Double slot guide has two slots. Narrow for a Portaband and a wider one for a Sawzall blade. This is to insure that the tolerances are kept tighter on the cut on the ½" thru 3.5" sizes. The 4" and 6" have single slots.

Rounding the design of the guides also allows it to be used as a rounding clamp in certain applications.


Sizes are available from ½" to 6" in both pipe and tube sizes 


Band Saw


reciprocating saw

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