Purge Plugs for Welding

Our purge plug products are engineered ourselves to create something that’s constructed well and reasonably priced.

Purge Plug Equipment Features

  • Silicon rubber bladder to resist heat

  • Quick Disconnect for purge gas

  • Gas Diffuser for even purge gas distribution


  • Hinged design for quick setup

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  • Wing nut for expansion in tube

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Excerpt from Practical Welding Today March/April 2000 issue.

Purging for Pipe Welds – On Corrosion-Resistant Metals.

When welding stainless steel, titanium and other corrosion-resistant materials, creating a perfect weld environment is of the utmost importance, because the desired corrosion resistance depends on it. During welding, the heated weld seam is exposed to air and oxidizes if it is not protected. This oxidation must either be prevented or treated later. Successful welding depends in part on a combination of proper purging equipment and techniques, and these are the focus of this article.

-Input And Output Sold Together
-Silicon Disc For Positive Seal
-Stainless Diffuser Creates Soft/Positive Flow
-Quick Disconnect Allows CFM Setting Maintained

Purge Wand

Purge Wand

This tool provides a quick and easy method of aligning (prior to welding:automatic or manual) sanitary ferrules and other types of fittings, eliminating the need to pre tack. It includes provisions for ID purging and is adaptable to wide range of ferrules and fitting types and sizes. The aluminum back plate is sized for 1-4 inch tube with a 1/8 inch barb for attaching an oxygen analyzer.

Kit Includes

– 1,1 1/2, 2 , 2 1/2, 3 and 4 inch silicone expanding plugs
– Billet aluminum purge tree
– Stainless steel tubes
– Stainless steel diffuser
– Quick connect for purge line


Advanced Instruments Inc., AII-3000 Series O2 Sensors

These cost effective oxygen analyzers feature an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor capable of measuring oxygen concentrations ranging from 0.05% to 100% over a 60 month operating life, proven electronics with touch pad/menu driven controls, a choice of an integral sensor or coiled cable external sensor, two types of mounting brackets, and a variety of optional equipment.

GPR-1000 Portable Trace PPM Oxygen Analyzer

Features certification to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. Also available for general purpose service. Features an advanced galvanic trace PPM oxygen sensor proven to reliably analyze oxygen concentrations ranging from from 1 PPM to 1% over a 24 month operating life, user friendly digital electronics, quick disconnect fittings, and a compact robust enclosure selected for the demands of industrial field use.

Palm 02 IW Oxygen Analyzer

This palm size oxygen analyzer features an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor that measures from 0.05% to 100% oxygen over a 32 month operating life with no maintenance required. 13,000 hours of battery use and wide variety of optional accessories make it an ideal cost effective choice for checking O2 levels for personnel safety, lab experiments, confined spaces, fire rescue air tanks and inerted atmospheres before welding.

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