Intercon Heavy-Duty Water Soluble Purge Paper and Tape are sometimes the only available solution to a purge problem.

When conventional purging systems cannot be used, Intercon has this product available in rolls as well as sheets, and a water-soluble tape in 1" or 2" widths for affixing the paper to the inside of the pipe wall. After the weld is complete, the paper is flushed away with water or steam.

We recommend using a sintered gas diffuser for introducing the purge gas to the area. A diffuser will always reduce the turbulence and create a better weld.

Water Soluble Purge Paper

Also See: Water SolublePurge Dams (EZ Purge®)

The medium duty paper is recommended for purging pipe in sizes smaller than 4" (100mm).

User Manual - A more technical explanation for the use and handling of purge paper.

Description Size Order No.
Purge Paper Medium Duty Roll (W35) 9" x 165' 60000805
Purge Paper Medium Duty Roll (W35) 15 1/2" x 165' 60000804
Purge Paper Heavy Duty Roll (W60) 15 1/2" x 165' 60000800
Purge Paper Heavy Duty Roll (W60) 31" x 165' 60000802
Purge Paper Heavy Duty Sheet (W60) 15 1/2" x 22" 60000801
Purge Paper Sheet (W35) 8 1/2" x 11" 60000806
Purge Paper Tape 1" (WTP) 1" x 300' 60000810
Purge Paper 2" (WTP) 2" x 300' 60000811
Diffuser No. 3 2" length 50010500