Intercon Purging Instructions


Provided below are general guidelines for the use of purging equipment during the pipe welding process. This information is provided as a courtesy to Intercon customers and is intended as a supplement Intercon Purging Products. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the use of this eqipment, please contact our sales staff for further clairification. Thank-you.

  1. Assemble purge unit, making sure all connections are properly fastened and tightened. All other purge units are pre-assembled. Attach purge hose.
  2. Push purge unit up into Pipe A, making sure the retrieval cable and gas inlet is facing you.
  3. Purging Instructions

  4. Fish purge hose and retrieval calbel through the next section of pipe (Pipe B), whether elbow or pipe spool.
  5. Align Pipes A and B.
  6. Pull purge unit forward into Pipe B approximately 3 to 5 inches so that the baffles are on either side of the weld zone.
  7. Purging Instructions 2

  8. Proceed to purge, usually 2 to 4 minutes, using an oxygen indicator to measure residual oxygen content preferably below 70 ppm, or the value set by quality control.
  9. Purging Instructions 3

  10. Proceed to weld.
  11. After the weld is completed, maintain purge for an extra minute during the cool down phase so oxides do not form.
  12. Pull purge unit through the completed section, stopping just short of the next section.
  13. Purging Instructions 4

  14. If more sections are to be added, repeat steps 3 through 9 as necessary.