User Manual for Purge Paper and Tape


Intercon water soluble purge paper and tape are an economical choice and often the only available solution to a purge problem when GTAW (TIG) welding stainless steel. For example, this is often the case when either the final weld is done or the pipe is being reduced and a dedicated purge system cannot be retrieved.

Intercon has this product available in rolls and sheets as well as a water-soluble tape in 1" or 2" widths for affixing the paper to the inside of the pipe wall. The paper is strong enough to dam argon or any other inert gas while purging. This purge paper is non-toxic and non-corrosive and is simply flushed away with water or steam when the weld is complete. The paper and tape leave no harmful residuals or trace elements in the pipe.

Intercon purge paper and tape are ideally suited for the manufacturing of process piping for the nuclear, pulp, paper, food, brewery, petro-chemical, chemical, marine, pharmaceutical and computer industries, to name just a few.


Simply cut, trace, fold and apply. The paper can be formed to fit all sizes and shapes of piping and tubing. Dams should be placed far enough from the weld area to avoid exposure to temperatures in excess of 300F (150C). A pyrometer or temperature indicating material can be used to determine this point. Charred paper will not properly dissolve.

Intercon purge tape is backed with a silicone release paper which is peeled off before use. This tape is used to secure the purge paper into place. We recommend using a sintered gas diffuser for introducing the purge gas to the area. A diffuser will always reduce the turbulence and create a better weld.

A vent for the displaced air should be selected to prevent the weld from being "blown out". All other open areas should be sealed to prevent leakage, Intercon temperature-resistant aluminum tape is the ideal product for this application. Intercon purge paper should not be handled with oily hands as the oil binds the paper preventing it from dissolving properly.


Intercon water soluble purge paper is available in two grades: a medium weight paper (W35), which has been designed exclusively for pipe diameters below 4" (100 mm) and a universal heavy weight paper (W60), which can be used for all sizes of pipe including those larger than 4" (100 mm).

We also carry a water soluble purge tape (WTP) that is backed with a silicone release paper, which is peeled off before use. This self-adhesive tape is used to attach the water-soluble dams to the pipe inside.


Intercon water soluble purge paper and tape should be stored in their original packaging until use. Please avoid water contact as well as extreme heat. For best results please use materials within one year of shipment.

As with all technical products, test the product on your specific application for best results and if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Intercon.

All prices, sizes and specifications are subject to change without notice.