Palm 02 IW Oxygen Analyzer

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

This palm size oxygen analyzer features an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor that measures from 0.05% to 100% oxygen over a 32 month operating life with no maintenance required. 13,000 hours of battery use and wide variety of optional accessories make it an ideal cost effective choice for checking O2 levels for personnel safety, lab experiments, confined spaces, fire rescue air tanks and inerted atmospheres before welding.

    Options & Accessories
  • AII-11-75-PO2R Remote Oxygen Sensor Kit
  • A-3676-1 Hand Pump Kit
  • A-3388 Adapter, Dome to Sensor
  • A-3609 Adapter, 1/8" Tube to Dome
  • A-3676 Adapter, 1/8" Tube to Sensor
  • FITN-1009 Tee Adapter
  • FITN-1112-1 Flow Diverter
  • HRWR-1157 Screwdriver
  • HRWR-1158 Lanyard
  • PUMP-1020 Hand Pump
  • TUBE-1018 Tubing, 1/8" x 3'
  • A-3657-1 Dovetail Mounting Kit
  • HRWR-1075 Dovetail Clamp Pole or Shelf
Technical Specifications
Accuracy <±2% of FS range under constant conditions
Analysis 0-100% oxygen
Application Verify ambient O2 levels of confined spaces
Calibration Certified dry 100% axygen or air after 8 hrs of use
Compensation Temperature
Connections 1x16 mm thread (see options)
Controls Soft touch keypad for ON/OFF and Calibration
Dimensions 2.72" x 4.1" x 1.35"; weight 7 oz. (196 grams)
Display 3 digit LCD 1.1" x .625"; resolution 0.1% O2
Flow Sensitivity None between 0.2 to 10 liters per minute
Humidity Non-condensing 0-95% RH
Linearity ±1% under constant conditions
Pressure Inlet - ambient or regulated
Vent - atmospheric
Power (2) 1.5V AA alkaline batteries; 13,000 hrs of use
Response Time 90% of the final FS reading in 10 seconds
Sensitivity < 0.5% of FS range
Sensor AII-11-75-PO2
Sensor Life 32 months in air at 25°C and 1 atm
Storage Temp. -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) on intermittent basis
Temp. Range 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
Warm-up Time None
Warranty 12 month analyzer; 12 months snesor