Intercon Pipe Purging Systems are designed for quick purging of all sizes of pipe in ½ to 3 minutes. This purging will significantly reduce corrosion and oxides on the inside surface of pipe welds. Affected weld areas could be inside elbows, tees and flanges which are made of steel, stainless steel or alloys.

Modular Series

Modular Series parts are non-dedicated, thus providing a degree of flexabiltiy in utilization as well as the reuse some components over multiple pipe sizes.

Mini Purge System ½" - 2" \ 15 mm - 52 mm

Maxi Purge System 1½" - 16" \ 38 mm - 406 mm

Dedicated Series

The Dedicated Series are provided in kit form for specific pipe sizes.

Compact Series 6" - 16" \ 152 mm - 508 mm

Jumbo Series 16" - 48" \ 406 mm - 1200 mm ) and larger

Please note that pipe sizes given here are for inside diameter! If this is not known, please see the table of pipe schedules.

Pipe Size Inside Diameter Pipe Purging System Pipe Schedules

Features Common to all Purging Systems

  • Versatility for all pipe welding procedures, positions and materials.
  • Especially well suited to nuclear, chemical and food related applications.
  • Contamination-free system components.
  • Economical: uses less inert gas due to small chamber volume.
  • Time Saving: less down time due to a reduced purging volume.
  • Completely sealed environment - flexible double-lipped baffles adjust to the corresponding pipe diameter, ensuring a full wall seal.
  • Easy to use: system can be pulled out through small holes or dismantled.
  • Heat-resistant: the system can be left in place until the completion of the welding joint.
  • The system can also be used for cleaning purposes.

Other Information

Instructions for using Intercon Purging Products

Table of Pipe Schedules 1/2" to 30" Provides the correct inside diameter and wall thickness of most steel and stainless steel piping.

Dissolving Purge Paper is an alternatve from the common purging systems, or for difficult purging situations.

Purging Explained is an essay from Practial Welding Today highlighting the many advantages of using purging for superior weld quality.