The Intercon Jumbo-Purging System is a non-modular, dedicated design intended for pipes with a diameter larger than 16"

  • Quick purge times of only 2-3 minutes on even very large diameters
  • Utilizes high temperature multiple silicone rubber lips on an aluminum ring
  • Sintered (porous) diffuser ensures even gas distribution, avoiding unwanted turbulance
  • With the aluminum ring system, the purge volume is very small, resulting in short purge times
  • Can be used on straight or curved pipe, comes complete with rollers
  • Upon completion of the weld, the system can be pulled out with the included 30'(10m) retreival cable
  • Comes complete ready to use including 30' (10m) purge hose

Intercon Jumbo-Purging System

When ordering the Intercon Jumbo-Purging System, please give the exact inside pipe diameter and wall thickness. For pipes with a larger diameter than 24", please determine exact inside dimensions, and a firm price quote and delivery will be given.

Pipe Size and
Imperial Metric Order Code
18" sch 5s, 10s, 10, 40 16.535" - 17.717" 420mm - 450mm J50330475
20" sch 5s, 10s, 10, 40 18.504" - 19.685" 470mm - 500mm J50330525
24" Sch 5s, 10s, 10, 40 22.440" - 23.819" 570mm - 605mm J50330620