The Intercon Integral Oxygen Indicator incorporates many of the features of the successful OXY2 with two distinct advantages: it is hand-held and battery-powered.

The Intercon Integral incorporates a maintenance-free, non-depleting ceramic sensor, which can accurately measure rest oxygen levels as small as 1 ppm (part per million) volume. Oxygen indicators with readout capabilities of only 0.1% (1000 ppm) or 0.01% (100 ppm) are not suitable for the welding industry as most precision welding is done below 70 ppm. This ceramic sensor is encased in a robust housing and is designed for job site as well as clean room work.

Intercon Integral Oxygen Indicator

The Intercon Integral is designed to process the output from an oxygen sensor made of stabilized zirconium oxide. This material is a ceramic, also known as a solid electrolyte and is ideally suited to high temperatures like those used as an oxygen ion conductor. Such ion conductors whose temperature range is dependent on the composition of the material, possess the capability to fill empty spaces in their crystal structure with oxygen ions. The oxygen ions attach themselves to conductive platinum surfaces. The degree of oxygen concentration in gas determines the degree of oxygen activity and thus, the quantity of oxygen ions.

The Integral sensor consists of a solid electrolyte, which is exposed to gas on both sides. One side is in contact with a reference gas: air; the other with the gas to be measured. Using both heated and unheated sensors a computation is done to give an accurate reading. Maintenance and calibration-free make this the premium choice in oxygen analyzing.

The Integral is a maintenance-free, non- depleting oxygen indicator with an operating range of 999 ppm to 1 ppm. This unit incorporates an internal pump and is designed for measuring rest oxygen in inert gases such as argon. Using the supplied battery charging station, this unit can be used up to 4 hours before recharging is necessary.

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Integral Oxygen Indicator Complete 90000007
Replacement Dust Filter 90000110