Aero2 Mat 4115 Operation


The 4115 is easy to operate. The outside air calibration should be adjusted to 100% via a supplied screwdriver. Initially if the unit displays 99% (and is not adjusted to 100%) then the tolerance will then be 1% of the final value.

For example, if the final value is 40 ppm, the difference is 1% of 40 ppm which is 0.4% ppm. So a variance in the reading for the outside air results in only a very small change in the final ppm read-out. The actual internal unit calibration is factory set with certified gas and should never be adjusted.

To get a reading, attach the supplied probe to the hose and turn the pump on. After use, turn pump off and return to case.

Optional bulkhead fittings are also available.


The Aero2-Mat 4115 Series is relatively maintenance-free, but there are some steps that should be taken to ensure continued reliability. Both models use the same electode and electrolyte.

After 6 months of normal use, the electrolyte should be changed. When the electrolyte is exhausted, the calibration will no longer be possible and a reading of 150% will be displayed.

The outside air filter should be changed when any discoloration is noticed to prevent possible damage from dust on the job site. These parts are user replaceable or can be done in-house at Intercon.

New manuals are available if the original is lost or destroyed.