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EV 996 Precision Pulldown Marpol Bandsaw

EV 996 Marpol Bandsaw EV 996 Marpol Bandsaw
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Why should you spend more money for our Italian designed and built Marpol Bandsaw than an asian one you can get for a few hundred dollars less? Three reasons:

  1. You get accuracy that no other bandsaw in the world comes close to. In fact, a Marpol Bandsaw gives you accuracy rivaling a coldsaw, for about half the money and a lot bigger capacity.
  2. Ease of use. The head of our bandsaw pivots to miter, not the vise. You save valuable shop space by setting up your machine against a wall instead of in the middle of the shop floor. No other machine gives you this much cutting capacity in this small a package.
  3. The machines are built to take constant, heavy, day in and day out use for years.

Listed below are photos and examples of what we mean by each of these three reasons. An investment in a Marpol Bandsaw is not an expense, it is a proven money maker that will deliver years of profitable use. In fact, if you think about it, as a percentage of the value of the products you will make, over the life of our saw, the cost of a Marpol Bandsaw is so small, you can�t even measure it. Does it really make sense to �save� a few hundred dollars on an asian machine, and go through the hassles of inaccurate cutting, time consuming set up for mitering and running around looking for parts in a year or two?

aluminum bar stock Starret
4� aluminum bar stock cut
22 thousandths of an inch
4� schedule 40 tube,
18 thousandths

We have designed and created this powerful Marpol bandsaw with exceptional and innovative technical specifications that are unique to the market. Ongoing research, application and development are the results of many years� experience in the field that is confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers.

EV 996 and EV 97 Marpol Band saws come complete as shown with base, coolant system and control box, ready to use. No hidden extras to buy. On arrival at your shop, only the base needs to be assembled. You will be ready to start sawing in 15 minutes. The machines use standard, 3/4� x .035, bi metal bandsaw blades, easy to find locally or you can buy them from us.

Our experience guarantees a range of Marpol band saws capable of satisfying all cutting requirements in a fast, precise and completely safe manner.

EV 996 Marpol Bandsaw at 90� EV 996 Marpol Bandsaw at 45� EV 996 Marpol Bandsaw at 60�
Starting at 90� The head swings through to finish at 60�

On all Marpol Band Saws the head swivels, not the vise. Stock tables stay in one place saving valuable shop floor space.

Features of the EV 996 Series Marpol Bandsaw

Features of the EV 996 Series Marpol Bandsaw

Marpol Bandsaw Shipping Configuration
Modular Shipping Configuration for Safe Shipping and Quick Assembly.
Size: 22 W x 38 L x 31 H
0� 6.75 6.75 6.75x5.90
45� 4.93 4.53 4.33x6.75
60� 3.14 2.00 4.00x2.00

Blade Size: 6'3" x �" x 0.035
Blade Speeds:
LOW: 115 fpm; HIGH: 230 fpm
Weight: 225 lbs
Available Voltages & Horsepower:
115 V - 0.9 HP
230 V Single Phase - 1.0 HP

Marpol Bandsaw Dimensions

Marpol Bandsaw without base

All Marpol Bandsaws come complete with base, cooling system and control box. No hidden extras to buy. When your Marpol Bandsaw arrives you only need to assemble the base and install a plug and you are ready to start cutting.

The Marpol Precision Pulldown Bandsaws are available in 3 different voltages:

Models Available
EV 996 - 1101 110V
EV 996 - 2301 220V Single Phase
EV 996 - 2303 220V 3-Phase

Blade Selection: Marpol Bandsaws come standard with a 6-10 Variable Pitch, bi-metal blade.
Bandsaw Blade Size: 6'3" x �" x 0.035
Bandsaw Blades available in 4 tooth configurations.

Part Number Description
9960001406 4-6 Tooth Variable Pitch
for solids over 1" thick
9960001610 6-10 Tooth Variable Pitch
all purpose blade for 1/4" to 1" thick material
9960001812 8-12 Tooth Variable Pitch
for 1/8" to 1/4" material
9960001014 10-14 Tooth Variable Pitch
for thin material less than 1/8"