W-80 Straight Cut-Off Machine

The W-80 is a straight cut-off machine that cuts 2"-8"pipe at 90 degrees, 30 degrees off 90 degrees, and 37½ degrees off 90 degrees.

The pipe is conveyed into the cutting area via motorized carriage. An encoder allows for travel display in inches on a counter on the main controller. Kerf or bevel is not compensated for. The remote control box on the carriage enables the operator to perform functions required to load and clamp the pipe into the chuck.

The cutting head floats on a roller ball to compensate for out of round pipe and maintain an accurate distance between the pipe and the torch.

The cutting head and bracketry is housed in an enclosure that customer supplied exhaust system can be attached to.

The remote box in the chuck housing allows the operator to control the clamp.

Diameter:������� 2 to 8" pipe
Length:����������� 20 feet
Volts:�������������� 110 V (machine only, not including power supply)
Amps:������������� 20
Shipping weight:��� 2,800 lbs


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W-80 Straight Cut-Off Machine