Computer Operated
W-484 (6 Axis) CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

The Watts W-484 (6 Axis) CNC Pipe & Vessel Shell Cutting Machine will dramatically increase your pipe cutting and pipe beveling productivity from what it is normally done with a manual cutting process where templates are being used. It will also increase your dimensional accuracies and make the fit up much easier with the oxy/fuel or the plasma arc cutting processes.

The 3rd and 4th Axis of motion allows the torch to rotate along the linear axis of the pipe and perpendicular to the linear axis to perform true beveled holes and end cuts. The maximum rotation angle allows the torch to rotate 45 degrees from vertical in both directions. This will allow the operator to create a fitting with the edge preparation done and ready to weld.

    General Features of the Watts W-484 Six Axis Pipe Cutting Machine
  • Unique floating head at the clamping end of the pipe compensates for diameter variations, out of round pipe, twisted or bent pipe, end movement and bowed pipe.
  • Heavy duty tubular steel frame construction
  • Standard motors are used for all drive motors which are readily available.
  • Standard bearings used throughout the machine.
  • All surfaces coated with high quality paint or powder coatings.
  • Power tracks on main carriage.
  • Individual solenoids for oxy fuel torch functions.
  • Minimum length of pipe at drive end is 25".
  • All machines come equipped with a constant voltage transformer to maintain accurate incoming power.
  • All machines come equipped with a computer acbinet cooler to minimize the effect of excessive heat.
    Additional features:
  • Pipe Cutting Range: 6.0" OD - 48" OD
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 20,000 lbs
  • Volts: 110 V
  • Amps: 20 Amps (not including Plasma)

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Computer Operated W-484 (6 Axis) CNC Pipe Cutting Machine