Long Pipe Saddle Miter Machine


The 132-LPSM is capable of cutting pipe from 3 to 32 inches in diameter.� The pipe is driven from powered rolls with a plasma grounding clamp attached from inside the pipe. Even exterior coated pipe can be plasma cut with this system.

Any operator can learn to make complicated cuts with the simple look-up chart provided.

With a price this low, why not save the labor of hand-grinding pipe ends?

Diameter:��������3 - 32inch
Length:����������� 20 ft. standard
����������� ����������� (longer available)
Volts:�� ����������� 115 v
Amps:� ����������� 4
Size:��� ����������� 3 X 26 ft.
Shipping wt:���1400 lbs.


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W-132-LPSM Long Pipe Saddle Miter Machine

Sliding Cam Arms These sliding cam-arms make it simple to set up miters, saddle-miters at any angle, and straight cuts.