Computer Operated
CNC W-122 Pipe Cutting Machine

With Two-Axis Computer Control and manually controlled bevel angles, the W-122 is a two axis pipe cutter complete with 20 ft. capacity roller bed capable of cutting diameters from 1" pipe (1.31" O.D.) to 12.750" O.D. The pipe support bed has an array of roller balls installed to support the pipe allowing it to rotate during the cutting process and also enabling the pipe to feed lengthwise into the chuck.

The plasma torch (optional) is clamped into a protractor frame and rotated manually to the required bevel angles. Indexable pins locate the torch holder at 90 degrees, 30 degrees off 90 and 37.5 degrees off 90. Other non-standard angles can also be set with the protractor. Up to 50 cuts can be linked together, enabling the cutting carriage to travel automatically from one cut to the next.

All cuts are programmed from the cut menu and positioning is based off pipe centerlines. Up to 2500 files can be saved with 50 cuts per file. Available cut types are straight, miters at any angle, saddles, Y's, holes, slots, rectangles, offset holes and saddles, dummy legs, and ellipses. Structrural truss cuts are also available.


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CNC W-122 Pipe Cutting Machine