Long Pipe Saddle Miter Machine


This economical and versatile machine is capable of cutting saddled or mitered pipe up to 16 inches in diameter. Based on our research, your production with the 116-LPSM should increase between 6 and 10 times over standard production methods.

You can saddle any two pipe sizes within the machine size range (including same-size) and you can miter-join as well. The torch carriage rides on the pipe surface to compensate for out-of-round pipe.

Complete packages are available for flame cutting or plasma cutting depending on your requirements.

Diameter:������ 1 1/4�16 inch
Length:����������� 20 ft. standard
����������� ����������� (longer available)
Volts:�� ����������� 115 v
Amps:� ����������� 4
Size:��� ����������� 3 X 23 ft.
Shipping wt:���1200 lb.


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W-116-LPSM Long Pipe Saddle Miter Machine

handy cams These handy cams are used to set up your machine for different branch angles, miter angles and diameters. Simple to learn and easy to operate.