Long Pipe Straight Cutter

The W-116 LPSC is a pipe cutter capable of cutting from 1½" to 16" diameter pipe up to 20' long. (additional lengths are available based on your needs). Complete with oxy fuel torch and magnetic valve manifold, with plasma interface and wiring to attach customer supplied plasma cutter. The torch is manually adjusted to the desired bevel angle. Includes 5 TR8 transfer rolls.

The W-116 insures straight cuts by utilizing a rotary clamp to deaw the pipe into an indexing roller to control pipe walk. If plasma cutting is used, the ground is completed by attaching the ground clamp t the end of the pipe and moving it to the next part to be cut after each cut. The system is designed with a hose & cable tray to accommodate the cable track. The carriage is manually positioned to the desired location and locked into place. The carriage floats on a roller ball standoff to maintain an accurate distance to the pipe surface.

Diameter:������� 1-1/4 � 16 in.
Length:����������� 20 ft. standard
����������������������� (longer available)
Volts:�������������� 115 V
Amps:������������� 4
Size:��������������� 3 X 20 ft.
Shipping weight:���1000 lbs
Up to 56 surface inches per minute rotation speed


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W-116-LPSC Long Pipe Straight Cutter