Computer Operated Pipe Cutter


This is the newest generation of pipe & hole cutting machine from Watts Specialties, Inc. The CL-124 is controlled by a heavy-duty industrial computer designed to run in extremes of temperature, humidity and vibration. All controls are remotely mounted at the cutting head for easy access. The CL-124 uses the newest computer motion control systems and modular design concepts along with an innovative floating headstock design, which allow us to greatly reduce the cost of this machine. Only a floating headstock allows smooth accurate handling of irregular pipe that will overstress a typical headstock.

We also float the torch on top of the pipe to maintain a perfect centerline cut, even with curved irregular pipe.

This easily programmable system is accurate, reliable, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-operate. With this machine you can easily cut any contoured pipe-end in minutes. By using the simple computer menu you can also set up saddle holes, slots, rectangles or other custom cuts.

Cutting shapes can include T�s, full Y�s, K�s, straight cuts, miters, 90 degree saddles, mitered saddles (laterals), off-set saddles, holes, saddle holes, mitered saddle holes, slots, rectangles, and crosses. All of these can be set up with minimal training and are easily repeated. Once a pipe is set up with multiple operations the entire job can be saved on the rugged flash memory card for recall later. Literally thousands of patterns can be stored on the machine. Optional network connections are also available. Multiple holes and cuts are made in perfect dimensional relationship to one another. You can also reload a partial job and retrace the steps back to where you left off.

Unlike most mechanical systems, the torch cutting speed remains constant even on steep angles. This computer precision assures fast cutting speeds and a smooth cut. Piercing is done off the cutting line for a clean edge. The unique drive system is based on a gimbaled clamping system which floats vertically and horizontally. This provides smooth positive rotation even with badly out-of-round or curved pipes. This system also prevents the pipe from walking lengthwise away from the drive clamp. This system is superior to fixed chuck drive systems which can be highly stressed and erratic when driving an oval pipe against the carriage wheels.

When you buy a CL-124 you can be assured you will easily quadruple shop production compared to hand-cut pipe. You can also count on great customer support and service from one of the oldest pipe cutting equipment suppliers in the business � Watts Specialties, Inc.


The most economical computer pipe cutter on the market today!

Diameter:������� 1-1/2 to 24 inch
Length:����������� 20 ft. standard
����������������������� (longer available)
Volts:�������������� 115 v
Amps:������������� 7
Size:��������������� 3 X 20 ft.
Shipping wt:���1800 lb.


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CL-124 Pipe Cutter
CL-124 Pipe Cutter
Computer controlled for accuracy and reliability.


Unique floating headstock chuck
Unique floating headstock chuck
handles irregular pipe by moving with centerline fluctuations.


CL-124 Computer Operated Pipe Cutter


Typical Joints and Holes


Straight CutsStraight Cuts






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