Sanitary Tack Tube Clamps

½" - 6" Tube Sizes Available

For superior welds that save time and money

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Sanitary Tack Tube Clamps

Sanitary Tack Clamps
½" Tube STC-.5
¾" Tube STC-.75
1" Tube STC-1.0
1-½" Tube STC-1.5
2" Tube STC-2.0
2-½" Tube STC-2.5
3" Tube STC-3.0
4" Tube STC-4.0
6" Tube STC-6.0

The essential tool to reduce costs and increase quality and profitability on sanitary stainless steel tube welding projects. Features stainless steel construction and available in sizes ¼"OD through 6"OD.

Strong design allows the rounding of tubing. V-Groove design allows precise TIG tacking. The clamps can be used in multiples to run long lengths of tubing. Also features a hinged design for quick setup.

The number one advantage for using Sanitary Tack Clamps in sanitary welding is the ability to complete a spool in place or on the bench with a single continuous purge.