Pipe Alignment Chains


The versatility of the Intercon Pipe-Align chain system permits a pipe or tank fabricator to precisely align welding joints in a large range of diameters with only one tool.

Please select the diameter for the size of pipe to be welded:

Single Chain Products-from 8" up to a maximum of 36" (2 models available)

Double Chain-from 8" up to a maximum of 100" (2 models available)

Pipe Alignment Chains

Common Features

  • Chains can be lengthened for large diameters by adding extensions
  • Can accommodate smaller diameter pipes by folding excess chain away from the pipe body, and grabbing any link with the chain tensioner
  • Dual chain system allows for adjustments in applications that are slightly "out of round"
  • All tension bolts have a stainless steel ball on the end to prevent material damage
  • Arc-shaped dual chain cross members allow complete weld around the pipe or tank body without having to remove the chain
  • Available in electroplated forged steel or forged stainless steel
  • Pipe-Align chains fit any size of pipe, tee, flange, cap or tank
  • Available in 4 different sizes, in steel or stainless steel