Magnatech Orbital Welding

Tubemaster Power Source

Model 514A

Tubemaster Power Source Model 514A Transfers Programs and QC data using USB digital media Tubemaster Model 514A

The Tubemaster Model 514A is an all-digital, programmable power source. It brings the repeatability, precision, and QA/QC verification possible with mechanized welding. Programming is simple and intuitive by manual entry or new Auto Program, which self-generates procedures. The Tubemaster operates a range of weld heads for simple fusion welding, as well as models equipped for wire feeding.

Click here for a Color Brochure (pdf).

  • GTAW
  • Digital programmer
  • Multi-level time-based programming
    Amperage Output:
  • 200 Amp
    Input Power Requirements:
  • 115 - 230 VAC (Autoranging), 1Ø, 4.0 KVA, 50 / 60 Hz
  • (No modifications necessary)
  • Current output/pulsing
  • Torch rotation
  • Wire Feed
  • Up to 100 levels per program
  • Stores 100 weld programs internally
  • Optional wire feed capability for wire feed heads
  • Auto-programming automatically generates procedures
  • Password protection of key functions
  • Weld parameter monitoring/out-of-limits reporting for QA/QC purposes
  • Transfers Programs and QC data using USB digital media
  • Auto-tacking automatically generates tack weld program
  • Large color LCD display
  • Stainless steel case with sealed membrane switches/display
  • Menu selectable language and metric/inch