Magnatech Orbital Welding

Pipeliner II Weld Head

Model 609A

Pipeliner II Weld Head Pipeliner II Weld Head Model 609A

The Pipeliner II is the first practical alternative to manual welding of larger diameter and heavy wall pipes. It produces the same weld quality as mechanized GTAW, but at 5 to 15 times the deposition rate. It is ideal for orbital pipeline welding using GMAW/FCAW processes. Used with the MPS4000 Power Source, the Pipeliner weld heads produce welds with robotic consistency and precision. The Pipeliner is equally suitable for fab shop or site use, and has a proven history of dependability and productivity even in the harshest environments. The system is capable of producing high-quality welds in all gravity positions - meeting ASME IX and API 1104 code requirements.

The weld head is mounted on the pipe by means of metal Guide Rings which are available for all standard pipe sizes. The weld head mounts entirely on one side of the joint, allowing use for pipe-to-fitting needs.

Flx-Track® allows long linear seam welds on flat or curved surfaces, such as tanks and vessels, as well as ID, OD, and compound curvature welds to be made. The track flexes to conform to different diameters, and uses either vacuum or magnet attachment. Mounting the head on an oversize guide ring with adapter feet allows use on CrMo and other alloys requiring preheat.

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    Weld Head Type:
  • Open arc
  • Entire head rotates around pipe
  • Mounts on pipe using guide rings
    Pipe Size Range:
  • 168mm (6.625") and larger
  • Torch rotation
  • Filler wire feed
  • Electronic torch oscillation
  • Remote torch proximity control (motorized)
  • Multipass welding of pipes in all gravity positions
  • Broad pipe size range
  • Small stable molten puddle with low spatter
  • Good penetration characteristics with no "cold lap" lack of fusion defects
  • Water-cooled uses standard components
  • "Push-Pull" and Head-mounted wire feeder models available