Otto Arc Systems, Inc. Weld Heads

PWHM-LD MIG (For Large Diameter/Heavy Wall Pipe)


Technical Specs (pdf)


The PWHM-LD is specially designed for pipe to pipe automatic MIG welding. This system is used for filling and covering pass welds for pipe with an OD greater than 12" (300mm). Support equipment: PHOENIX COLDARC Series Welding Power Source. Suitable for applications such as pipe installations and factory prefabrication.

  • Contains gear transmission and stable rotation speed
  • Double water cooling system suitable for filling large and heavy pipe
  • Short distance wire feeding to ensure stable feed
  • Various welding guides to perform welds on different size OD pipe
Pipe Diameter (OD) 300 - 1500 mm (12" - 60")
Rotation Speed 40 - 500 mm (1.5" - 19.68")
OSC Width 50 mm (2")
AVC Height 50 mm (2")
Standard Cable Length L = 15 m (50')
Cooling Water