Magnatech Orbital Welding

MPS4000 Controller/Pwer Supply

Model 712

MPS4000 Controller/Pwer Supply Model 712 MPS4000 Controller MPS4000 Display Zones

The MPS4000 is a digital inverter power source for GMAW/FCAW process welding applications. The weld head controller integrated with the power source operates all Pipeliner II weld head models.

The MPS4000 provides synergic control of electrode speed and power output - the welder has only to change electrode speed and the power supply output parameters to maintain a stable process. Factory developed programs are stored for many combinations of alloy, electrode diameter, and shielding gas. The MPS4000 wire feeder is used with the Push-Pull (WFPP) and Wire Feed on Floor (WFOF) versions of the weld head. The Wire Feed on Head (WFOH) model is ideal for applications where it is not possible to locate the power source adjacent to the weld.

Click here for a Color Brochure (pdf).

  • Microprocessor-based for power output and electrode speed
  • Analog for weld head functions
    Amperage Output:
  • 400 Amp
    Input Power Requirements:
  • 200-400 VAC (autoranging), 1 or 3Ø, 4.0 KVA, 50 / 60 HZ
  • Power output
  • Torch rotation
  • Wire Feed
  • Electronic torch oscillation
  • Torch proximity controls (motorized)
  • Pendant allows remote operation
  • Synergic operation of electrode speed/power output
  • Factory optimized stored programs
  • Special program development service available
  • IP23 rated for outdoor job site usage