Magnatech Orbital Welding

E-Head Weld Head

Model 441A

E-Head Weld Head Model 441A E-Head Weld Head

The E-Head is specifically designed for welding light wall pipe. It is the answer for the fabricator or contractor that must weld a wide size range, normally requiring the purchase of multiple weld heads. The E-Head can be used on any size pipe from 25mm (1.0") to 356mm (14"), with the change of only one mounting component. The E-Head consistently produces welds meeting the most stringent code quality standards and is ideal for applications with limited radial clearance.

The E-Head clamps on only one side of the joint, allowing use for pipe-to-fitting welds. A mechanical arc length control device compensates for out-of-round pipe. The head-mounted wire feeder uses standard filler wire spools and provides precise and positive wire feeding, not possible with floor-mounted feeders.

Click here for a Color Brochure (pdf).

  • GTAW
    Weld Head Type:
  • Open Arc
  • Entire head rotates around pipe
  • Mounts on pipe using guide rings
    Pipe Size Range:
  • 25mm - 356mm (1.0" - 14") OD
  • Torch rotation
  • Filler wire feed
  • Mecahnical arc gap control features
  • Water-cooled torch for high duty cycle applications
  • Broad pipe size rangecapability
  • Low Profile
  • Mechanical arc length control to compensate for out-of-round pipe
  • Readily accessible control at rear of weld head allows torch cross seam positioning during welding