TechSouth Power Point Tungsten Grinder

Standard Grinder Standard Grinder
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Cordless Grinder Cordless Grinder
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Standard 220 Volt Grinder Standard 220 Volt Grinder
TS-PPE 220

The Standard Grinder is an excellent tool for hand orbital welding when using tungsten electrodes. The grind is always consistent for precise arc striking and concentration. The standard unit has a fixed angle 20 degrees included.

The diamond wheel is double sided and the movable disk allows the settings for two grooves on the top; as well as, two on the bottom so the entire wheel is used for grinding.

The Adjustable Head Grinder allows you to set various angles on the tip of the tungsten, for the more difficult tig welding project; especially when welding thin materials.

Standard Features

  • Double Sided Diamond Wheel
  • 120 Volt AC Motor with Variable Speed
  • Collets for (1/16", 3/32", and 1/8") Tungsten
  • Double Insulated Motor
  • Stainless Steel Collets
  • Tool Storage Box

Optional Features

See theOperating Instructions for more information.