The Intercon TiG 10/175 Grinder is an easy-to-use, dedicated precision grinding machine for tungsten electrodes. This unit has a patented electrode holder allowing easy grinding which results in a centric and longitudinal grind. Small diameter electrodes are "held" against the wheel, preventing out of round grinds. A tungsten electrode grinder is necessary to get proper arc penetration especially when using orbital welding machines.


The Spannfix Electrode Holder can be used as an alternative with a normal bench grinder

Description Price Code
TIG 10-175 Grinder and Diamond Wheel 90000150
Diamond Wheel - 76 Grit (Fine) 90000151
Diamond Wheel - 126 Grit (Regular) 90000152
Diamond Wheel - 151 Grit (Coarse) 90000153
Collet Chuck - 1.0mm / 0.040" 90000158
Collet Chuck - 1.6mm / 1/16" 90000159
Collet Chuck - 2.0mm / 0.080" 90000160
Collet Chuck - 2.4mm / 3/32" 90000161
Collet Chuck - 3.2mm / 1/8" 90000162
Collet Chuck - 4.0mm / 5/32" 90000163
Collet Chuck - 4.8mm / 3/16" 90000164
New Optional Equipment
Vacuum Cleaner w/HEPA Filter 90000168
Collet Case 90000165
Steel Grinder Case 90000167


The Intercon TiG 10/175 is an easy-to-use grinder due to its patented electrode holder. For complete instructions, please contact us for an instruction manual.

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