Bench Mount Tungsten Grinder

Bench Mount Tungsten Grinder

Bench Grinder PPB Parts List
 PPB-1Motor PPB-1 Motor
PPB-2 Grinding Wheel PPB-2 Grinding Wheel
PPB-3 Back Mount PPB-3 Back Mount
PPB-3 Grinding Body PPB-3 Grinding Body
PPB-4 Dust Collector PPB-4 Dust Collector
PPB-5 Collector Knob PPB-5 Collector Knob
PPB-6 Locking Lever PPB-6 Locking Lever
PPB-7 Collet Knob PPB-7 Collet Knob
PPB-8 Sight Window PPB-8 Sight Window
PPB-9 Wheel Spacer PPB-9 Wheel Spacer
PPB-9 Wrench holder PPB-9 Wrench holder
PPB-11 Wrench Holder PPB-11 Wrench Holder
PPB-12 10-24 Screw PPB-12 10-24 Screw
PPB-1/16 1/16" Collet PPB-1/16 1/16" Collet
PPB-3/32 3/32" Collet
PPB-1/8 1/8" Collet
PPB-5/32 5/32" Collet
Cut-off Option Parts List
PPBC-1 Block PPBC-1 Block
PPBC-2 Cutting Wheel PPBC-2 Cutting Wheel
PPBC-3 Cutting Guard PPBC-3 Cutting Guard
PPBC-4 Shoulder Bolt PPBC-4 Shoulder Bolt
PPBC-5 Mounting Arm PPBC-5 Mounting Arm
PPBC-6 Busing
PPBC-7 Tungsten Stop PPBC-7 Tungsten Stop
PPBC-8 Stop Rod PPBC-8 Stop Rod
PPBC-9 Locking Screw
PPBC-10  Hold Down Lever PPBC-10 Hold Down Lever
PPBC-11  Hold Down Spring PPBC-11 Hold Down Spring

Always wear ANSI approved Dust Mak, Eye and Hand protection for grinding tungsten welding electrodes. And also read and understand operating instructions & parts manual.

  1. For ease of removing the dust collector it is best to mount the grinder on the side of your bench pedestal.
  2. Remove the appropriate collet from the collet holder, using the collet wrench.
  3. Install collet and tighten.
  4. Insert the tungsten electrode into the installed collet, loosen the locking lever and adjust the angle (a good starting point is where the electrode makes contact with the grinding wheel about center of the sight window). Tighten the locking lever and remove the electrode.
  5. Turn the grinder on and carefully insert the electrode and rotate the electrode at least 360 degrees making contact with the grinding wheel, repeat till the desired point is achieved.
  6. If flattening the electrode is desired, carefully insert the electrode into the flattening holes and rotate.
  7. Periodically check and properly dispose of the grinding dust.

bench mount grinder

Optional Precision Cut-Off

  1. Making sure the power is off to the grinder, measure the desired length from the left side of the cut-off wheel and adjust the electrode stop, and tighten the locking screw.
  2. Press down on the electrode hold down lever and insert the electrode till it touches the stop. Start the grinder and carefully lift up on the hold down lever while rotating the electrode (cut the electrode about half way thru). Push down on the lever and remove the electrode.
  3. Insert the electrode into the hole on hold down lever and break off the electrode at the notch.